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Technical Support FAQs

  • What are the differences between Speedhut's gauge lines?

    From universal gauges that work with any vehicle to designs made exclusively for particular vehicles - we have gauges for your build! Our gauges are highly accurate and fully customizable; weather resistant and include a Lifetime Warranty. In addition to this, each product line has unique benefi...
  • Can you add my odometer mileage to my speedometer?

    Yes, we can do that for you! For Electronic Programmable Speedometers and Dual GPS Speedometers (GPS combo gauges): Please tell us your mileage in the 'Order Comments', and we will program your odometer when we build your gauge. If you already own one of these speedometers you can send it back ...
  • What happens if you exceed the maximum speed of the speedometer?

    If you exceed your speedometer's maximum speed, the pointer will remain at the maximum speed position, and will not move below the maximum speed position until your speed drops back into a readable range. Luckily for all of the speed-fiends out there, this will NOT damage the speedometer. If th...
  • Will I get a power distribution cable with my gauges?

    Gauge orders that include three or more gauges include a free power distribution cable. This makes installation much easier on multiple gauges because you only have to hook up one cable for power, ground, and lighting to power your gauges.
  • How much power does each gauge draw?

    Typical gauge power draw is approximately 0.2 amps.
  • What are the hole sizes for each of the gauges?

    Gauge Size Mount Hole Diameter 2-1/16" 2.05” (52mm) 2-5/8" 2.64” (67mm) 3-3/8" 3.33” (85mm) 4" 3.93” (100mm) 4.5" 4.23“ (108mm) All of the gauge dimensions including the gauge bezel diameters can be found on the Gauge Dimensions Document.
  • What are the dimensions of the 5 1/2" CJ gauge?

  • What is the diameter of the gauge bezels?

    Gauge Size Bezel Outer Diameter 2-1/16" 2.270" (58mm) 2-5/8" 2.875" (73mm) 3-3/8" 3.600 (91mm) 4" 4.150” (105mm) 4.5" 4.500” (114mm)